“Vendetta” was selected by Kirkus’ Indy Editors and featured in Kirkus Reviews 11/1 issue. Less than 10% of their indie reviews are chosen for this honor.

Jonathan Sinclair is a perfect example of the proverb “No good deed goes unpunished.” Life is grand for the rich industrialist, as the woman he has always loved, Kathy Hunter, leaves her abusive husband and moves to France to live with Jonathan. But there are signs that all is not well.

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Propulsive and absorbing…Herst again delivers a winning, complex thriller.

An engrossing novel that successfully ponders the justification for revenge and yet remains suspenseful until the end.

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"Vendetta" Description:

In the 1750s, the Hell Fire Club was a respectable gentleman’s club, with men such as Benjamin Franklin and Sir Francis Dashwood among its members.

No one would have guessed that it was a venue for a dark subculture of sadism, torture, and human sacrifice. But after the gruesome murder of several prostitutes caused a scandal, the club was dismantled—or so history told us.

When Kathy Hunter finally gets free of her abusive marriage in modern-day Los Angeles, she moves to the South of France with Jonathan, her childhood sweetheart. Once there, all she wants is to be happy—and for a while, she is.

But evil can sneak into our lives in the subtlest of ways, and men aren’t always who or what they seem. When one fateful night changes everything, Kathy is determined to discover the truth behind the Hell Fire Club—and to make the men who brutalized her suffer just as much as she has.